SB 1219
Modifies law relating to the licensing of nursing home administrators
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3/29/2006 - Voted Do Pass S Aging, Families, Mental & Public Health Committee
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August 28, 2006

Current Bill Summary

SB 1219 - Under the act, if an applicant fails the required examination three times, the applicant must complete the board-prescribed course of instruction, reapply for the examination and pass the examination before he or she will be licensed. Examination scores from other states shall not be recognized after the applicant fails the examination for a third time.

The Missouri Board of Nursing Home Administrators may renew a temporary emergency license if the applicant shows that the applicant is qualified for licensure, has filed for licensure and the examination results have not been received by the board.

As an alternative to the refusal to issue or renew the license, the board may issue a probationary license. The order shall contain a statement of the terms and conditions of the probation and that the person subject to the probation has thirty days to request a hearing before the Administrative Hearing Commission.

The board may cause a complaint to be filed with the Administrative Hearing Commission for a violation of any laws or regulations relating to convalescent, nursing or boarding homes, or a violation of professional trust or confidence. A complaint may also be filed if the individual has served as the operator or principal involved in the operation of a facility during which time the facility has had its license revoked, has entered into a consent agreement to contain a probationary license, or has had a license denied or surrendered while under investigation.

The board may reject any application for five years for a licensee whose license has been revoked or surrendered.

The act imposes certain qualifications for board members.

Current licensees may request inactive status for their license if the licensee submits evidence of completion of ten hours of continuing education in the area of patient care. Inactive status shall expire on June 30th of the year following the year of issuance subject to renewal. Inactive status may be carried for six years before ultimate expiration. Procedures for reactivation are included in the act.