SB 883
Revises the filing fees paid by certain insurance organizations for filing documents with the Department of Insurance
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2/15/2006 - Voted Do Pass S Small Business, Insurance & Industrial Relations Committee
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August 28, 2006

Current Bill Summary

SB 883 - This act revises the fee schedules for health services corporations, health maintenance organizations and insurance companies. The act revises the filing fees for certain documents paid by those types of organizations.

The act also provides that the assessments made against insurance companies for examination purposes shall include:

(1) The costs of compensation, including benefits, for the examiners, analysts, actuaries, and attorneys contributing to the examination of the company;

(2) Reasonable travel, lodging and meal expenses related to an on-site examination; and

(3) Other expenses related to the examination.

The act requires the director to pay such expenses from the insurance examiners fund.