SB 904
Modifies the requirements for management, design and construction of state buildings
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5/12/2006 - In Conference
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August 28, 2006
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Current Bill Summary

CCS/SS/SCS/SB 904 - This act allows the second capitol commission to develop written policies that establish guidelines for selection and placement of plaques, monuments, and statues on state grounds.

The Board of Public Buildings shall supervise all public property of the state except for that deeded to the Department of Education, the Conservation Commission, and the Highways and Transportation Commission.

Currently, there is a Division of Facilities Management. This act combines that division with the Division of Design and Construction to form the Division of Facilities Management, Design, and Construction in the office of administration to be responsible for the design, construction, renovations, and repair of state facilities. Traffic and parking violations are increased under the act. Under the act only ½ of the spaces in lot 1-C on the capitol grounds shall be reserved for press parking. The other half shall be used for handicapped parking. No other spaces shall be reserved for the press.

Employers and labor organizations who contract with the state for public contracts shall not employ undocumented workers. Employers are also barred from misclassifying employees as independent contractors to avoid any tax liability or reporting requirements.

Previously, all bids over $25,000 had to be granted to the lowest bidder. This act raises that floor to $100,000 and amends the notice requirements for the acceptance of bids.

The director may debar a contractor for the commission of certain acts. The division may require prequalification of bidders under certain circumstances. A process for prequalification is established under the act. In assigning points to each bid submittal, an additional 5 points on a 100 point scale shall be awarded to bidders who spend 8% of their total wages on its employee’s health insurance costs. Competitive bid requirements may be waived when there is a threat to life, property, public health or safety, or further damage or loss.

This act creates the criteria for deciding on and implementing design-build, construction manager-at-risk, and job order contracting projects including guidelines for requests for proposals, qualifications of contractors, design criteria, and qualifications for technical proposals.

Under current law, all public entities, in making contracts for public works over $25,000, must require all contractors to furnish a bond for payment of materials and insurance. This act raises that floor to $100,000.

Currently, the State Board of Public Buildings shall not issue revenue bonds for the acquisition of office buildings in cities for one or more projects in excess of a total par value of $655 million. This act increases the limit to $775 million.

This act repeals provisions allowing the state Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority and the Board of Public Buildings to authorize the sale of bonds to fund energy efficiency projects.

This act also repeals provisions requiring the Department of Natural Resources to analyze all state buildings for energy efficiency. The director of the Division of Design and Construction must no longer require a design professional to submit analysis meeting the programs space and use requirements when major energy systems are involved.