SB 756
Modifies requirements for licensing and registration of certain professionals
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6/29/2006 - Signed by Governor
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August 28, 2006
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Current Bill Summary

HCS/SCS/SB 756 – This act modifies provisions regarding the licensing of certain professions.

PHARMACIES - Under the act, compounds containing pseudoephedrine that must be dispensed in a pharmacy pursuant to a prescription shall be excluded from the statutory drug schedules.

MESSAGE THERAPISTS - Under the act, the Board of Therapeutic Massage may promulgate rules for granting licenses to applicants who have completed approved programs in other states consisting of less than 500 hours. Massage businesses are barred from employing individuals to provide massage therapy unless the individuals are licensed massage therapists. A complaint may be filed with the administrative hearing commission against individuals who practice at unlicensed businesses.

The board may, upon request, waive or extend time requirements for completing continuing education hours for reasons related to military service, health, foreign residency or good cause.

Nonresident therapists licensed in other states may practice without a Missouri license if they are called into the state to teach courses related to the profession or to act as part of an emergency response team working with disaster relief officials, or are providing services at special events.

DENTISTS - The act requires dentists to retain patient records in a form reviewable by the board for at least 7 years from the date of last service or from the age of majority. Laboratory work orders must be retained for 7 years. Changes to patient records made after 48 hours from the final entry shall be documented as an addendum.

AUTOMATIC REVOCATION OF LICENSES - The act expands the grounds for automatic revocation currently reserved only for physicians to cover all licensees covered under Chapter 334, RSMo (physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, physician assistants, anesthesiologist assistants).

COLLABORATIVE PRACTICE AGREEMENTS/PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT AGREEMENTS - This act also provides that within thirty days of any change and on each renewal, the state board of registration of healing arts shall require physicians to identify whether a physician is engaged in any collaborative practice agreement or physician assistance agreement and also report to the board the name of each licensed professional with whom the physician has entered into such agreement. The board may make the information available to the public. The board shall track and randomly review the agreements for compliance.

ATHLETIC TRAINERS - Under current law, the Missouri Board for the Healing Arts must prepare and conduct examinations for applicants for licensure as athletic trainers. This act relieves the board of this duty and requires prospective trainers to pass the National Athletic Trainers Association Board of Certification examination. This act also repeals a provision that requires the applicant to meet certain academic and experience requirements as a prerequisite to licensure.

PROFESSIONAL COUNSELORS - The act amends the licensing requirements for professional counselors. Under the act, the applicant must show he or she is at least 18, of good moral character, a US citizen or legally present in the states, has completed a level of course work and counseling experience acceptable by the board. The applicant must pass a written, open-book exam on Missouri laws and regulations governing the practice of professional counseling.

The act specifies the requirements for reciprocal licenses: the approval of the applicant's credentials by the American Association of State Counseling Boards, the verification of good standing with and current certification by the National Board for Certified Counselors, or the determination by the board that the certifying state's requirements are substantially similar to those in Missouri.

CLINICAL SOCIAL WORKERS - Currently, out of state licensed clinical social workers who have had no violations, suspensions or revocations may be licensed in Missouri if they have passed a written exam and either are licensed in another state, received a masters or doctoral degree from a program accredited by the council of social work education, have been licensed for five years, have not been the subject of disciplinary action, or are currently licensed in a state that has similar reciprocity laws. This act changes those requirements to allow out of state license holders who have not been the subject of disciplinary action for five years to be licensed if the applicant received a masters or doctoral degree from a program accredited by the council of social work education and has been licensed for five years, or is currently licensed in a state with substantially similar requirements.

VETERINARIANS - Currently, applicants for licensure as veterinarians are required to submit examination fees at least 60 days prior to the examination. This act repeals this provision and allows the Missouri Veterinary Medical Board to establish such a requirement by rule.

ADMINISTRATIVE HEARING COMMISSION - The act allows notice of service of a complaint to be published if service cannot be accomplished in person or by certified mail. A copy of the findings, conclusions, and recommendations of the commission may be mailed to the licensee and any attorney who represented the licensee.

This act is similar to SCS/SB 998 (2006) and HB 1759 (2006).