SB 932
Modifies laws relating to county officials
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6/14/2006 - Signed by Governor
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Effective Date:
August 28, 2006
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Current Bill Summary

CCS/HCS/SCS/SB 932 - This act modifies provisions relating to county officials.

SECTION 49.292

This section allows a county commission to reject the transfer of title of real property to the county by donation or dedication if it is in the best interest of the county to do so. The preparer of a document donating or dedicating real property to a county cannot submit the document for recording unless the grantee's acceptance is proved or acknowledged.

SECTION 50.327

This section establishes the salary schedule for public administrators in counties of the second, third, and fourth classification, who choose to be paid by salary and who are considered full-time county officials, as the base schedule for those officials, unless the current salary is lower than the compensation in the schedule.

SECTION 50.339

This section allows the Cape Girardeau County Salary Commission to meet in 2007 to determine whether to equalize the base salaries of the treasurer and public administrator with the base salaries of the auditor and recorder of deeds.

SECTION 52.230

This section requires all counties with a charter form of government to mail property tax statements and receipts to taxpayers at least 30 days before being due. Currently, statements are required to be mailed at least 15 days before the due date.

SECTION 54.040

This section requires any candidate for county treasurer to be at least twenty-one years of age and a resident of the state and county for at least one year prior to the general election. The candidate must also be a registered voter and shall be current in the payment of personal and real estate taxes. Upon election, the person must continue to reside in the county during his or her tenure.

SECTION 59.331

With limited exceptions, these sections prohibit the preparer of a document from including "sensitive personal identifying information" in a document that is prepared for the recorder. Such information includes federal social security numbers, bank account numbers, and credit card account numbers.

Currently, only the use of social security numbers is prohibited.

If a person's sensitive personal identifying information appears on a document, the preparer, submitter, or anyone in an agency relationship with the person may redact, remove, or delete such information before submitting it to the recorder. The redaction of such information shall not affect the legal status of the transaction described in the document. The Recorder of Deeds shall not alter or modify any document except as otherwise provided by law.

This section is similar to certain provisions of SB 1011 (2006).

SECTION 59.332

If any sensitive personal identifying information in a record is viewable on the Internet website of the Jackson County Recorder of Deeds, any person may apply in writing to the recorder for redaction or removal of the information. Upon receiving such application, the recorder of deeds may redact or remove the document from the records viewable on the Internet.

This section is similar to certain provisions of SB 1011 (2006).

SECTIONS 228.040, 228.070 & 228.190

These sections allow county commissions, at their discretion, to open a county road. After January 1, 1990, any county road for which the county receives county aid road trust funds for at least five years shall be deemed a "public county road" without the need for further proof. The county highway engineer is no longer required to examine and approve a road or road change before the county commission takes action on the road.

SECTION 473.748

This section makes any term or provision in a contract unenforceable if it requires a public administrator who is acting as a guardian to personally pay or guarantee the debt of a ward or protectee.