SB 1000
Replaces all state administrative hearings with a new "Office of Administrative Hearings"
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2/7/2006 - Second Read and Referred S Judiciary and Civil & Criminal Jurisprudence Committee
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Effective Date:
January 1, 2007

Current Bill Summary

SB 1000 - This act replaces most administrative hearings held by or within executive branch departments with a newly created Office of Administrative Hearings, located within the Office of Administration. Administrative hearings within the legislative and judicial branches are exempted.

Administrative Law Judges (ALJ) are appointed by the Governor. The Governor shall appoint a chief ALJ, with the advice and consent of the senate to serve a term of four years. The chief ALJ is responsible for setting hearing procedures and other rules.

Administrative Law Judges may not be employed to influence the office for two years after termination. However, they may practice law before another ALJ within those two years. All current department procedures regarding hearings (evidence, notice, limitations) still apply. All current references to the Administrative Hearing Commission shall be interpreted to mean this new office.

This act would become effective on January 1, 2007.

This act is identical to SB 548 (2005) and SB 970 (2000).