SB 1025
Establishes a minimum salary for deputy sheriffs and creates the "Public Safety Enhancement Fund"
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3/29/2006 - Voted Do Pass S Economic Development, Tourism & Local Government Committee
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August 28, 2006

Current Bill Summary

SB 1025 - This act requires deputy sheriffs to receive annual compensation of not less than $26,000. Any amount received above $26,000 shall be determined by the sheriff.

The sheriff shall receive $20 for service of any summons, writ, or other order for the court, in addition to the $20 charge for service that he or she currently receives. The sheriff shall receive the additional money regardless of whether a private entity performs the service on behalf of the sheriff. The money will be collected by the county treasurer and made payable to the state treasurer.

This act creates the "Public Safety Enhancement Fund" and the state treasurer will deposit the moneys into this fund. The fund will be administered by the Department of Public Safety. Ten percent of the money in the fund shall be annually deposited into the Sheriffs' Retirement Fund. The balance of the fund shall be appropriated annually to counties on a per capita basis to be used only to compensate commissioned deputy sheriffs and provide funding for related costs resulting from the minimum compensation established for deputy sheriffs. Such money shall only be used to supplement the current amount of funding that the county provides, as of August 28, 2006, or a higher amount if the county commission chooses to provide such amount, to compensate deputy sheriffs. The county shall provide an equal amount of funding from the general revenue fund to compensate each additional deputy sheriff hired after August 28, 2006, as is received for each current deputy sheriff. If the funding is not provided, the sheriff shall not be permitted to her or use moneys from the fund to compensate any additional deputy sheriff. Less any administrative costs, the moneys deposited into the fund shall be used only for the purposes outlined. If any moneys remain in the fund after paying such compensation and costs, the department shall deposit and credit annually the remaining balance to the MoSMART fund. The money remaining in the fund shall not revert to the credit of the state general revenue fund.