HB 1733
Modifies provisions regarding the regulation of vehicles
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9/14/2016 - Motion to override Governor's veto failed
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SS HB 1733
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August 28, 2016
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Current Bill Summary

SS/HB 1733 - This act modifies provisions regarding the regulation of vehicles.


This act removes the requirement that a trailer or semitrailer must be coupled to a towing vehicle in a particular manner in order to be eligible for permanent registration and changes the supervising department for such registration from the Motor Carrier and Railroad Safety Division of the Department of Economic Development to the Highways and Transportation Commission of the Department of Transportation. This provision is identical to SB 640 (2016) and a provision contained in HCS/SS/SCS/SB 278 (2015).

EMERGENCY VEHICLES - Section 304.022

This act amends the definition of "emergency vehicle" as it relates to traffic regulations to include any vehicle owned and operated by the civil support team of the Missouri National Guard while in response to or during operations involving specified substances, in support of official requests from the state involving unknown substances or hazardous materials, or as may be requested by the appropriate state agency acting on behalf of the Governor.


Currently, school bus driver endorsements shall not be issued or renewed for applicants whose driving record shows that such applicant's privilege to operate a motor vehicle has been suspended, revoked or disqualified or whose driving record shows a history of moving vehicle violations, to the best of the Director of the Department of Revenue's knowledge. This act requires that any school bus driver endorsement holder have such endorsement immediately revoked upon a second suspension or revocation of their license or driving privilege and shall remain ineligible for any future school bus endorsement.

AUTOCYCLES - 304.005

This act defines an autocycle as a three wheeled motor vehicle on which drivers and passengers ride in a completely enclosed, tandem seating area that is controlled with a steering wheel and pedals and contains additional safety and equipment requirements. Autocycle operators are exempted from the motorcycle helmet requirement with specific safety equipment requirements. This act also requires autocycle operators to have a driver's license without requiring a motorcycle or motortricycle license or endorsement.

This provision is identical to SB 659 (2016) and HCS/HB 1732 (2016) and is substantially similar to SB 344 (2015) and similar to SB 596 (2014), SB 503 (2014), and provisions in SS/SCS/HCS/HB 1124 (2014).

BUS LENGTH - 304.170

Currently, no bus may exceed 45 feet in length except with safety bumpers. This act allows articulated buses, or buses having two or more sections connected by a joint, to be up to 60 feet in length not including safety bumpers which may extend 1 foot in both the front and rear.


Currently, leaving the scene of an accident is a Class D felony if physical injury was caused to another party. Beginning in 2017, when the revisions to the Criminal Code take effect, the penalty is a Class E felony. Under this act, it is a Class C felony if the accident resulted in death, and, beginning in 2017, it will be a Class D felony if the accident resulted in death. This provision is identical to HB 2551 (2016).