SB 80 Establishes the Missouri Statewide Mechanical Contractors Licensing Act
12/1/2022 Prefiled
1/4/2023 S First Read S33
1/12/2023 Second Read and Referred S General Laws Committee S143
2/1/2023 Hearing Conducted S General Laws Committee
2/8/2023 Voted Do Pass S General Laws Committee
3/2/2023 Reported from S General Laws Committee S532
3/28/2023 Bill Placed on Informal Calendar S777
4/20/2023 SS S offered & adopted (Schroer)--(0621S.14F) S1163
4/20/2023 Perfected S1163
4/20/2023 Reported Truly Perfected S Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions and Ethics Committee S1169
4/20/2023 Referred S Fiscal Oversight Committee S1170
4/24/2023 Voted Do Pass S Fiscal Oversight Committee
4/24/2023 Reported from S Fiscal Oversight Committee S1242
4/25/2023 S Third Read and Passed S1250
4/25/2023 H First Read H1942
4/26/2023 H Second Read H1952
5/2/2023 Referred H General Laws H2588
5/4/2023 Hearing Conducted H General Laws
5/9/2023 Voted Do Pass H General Laws
5/9/2023 Reported Do Pass H General Laws H3163
5/9/2023 Referred H Rules - Administrative Oversight H3165
5/10/2023 Voted Do Pass H Rules - Administrative Oversight
5/10/2023 Reported Do Pass H Rules - Administrative Oversight H3299
5/10/2023 Referred H Fiscal Review Committee H3301
5/12/2023 H Calendar Senate Bills for Third Reading (In Fiscal Review)