SB 526
Modifies provisions relating to public assistance
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3/23/2023 - Second Read and Referred S Health and Welfare Committee
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Effective Date:
August 28, 2023

Current Bill Summary

SB 526 - This act modifies several provisions relating to public assistance, including: (1) eligibility verification; (2) assets; (3) compliance with registry requirements; (4) electronic benefit transfer (EBT) card replacements; (5) lottery winnings; and (6) out-of-state spending.

ELIGIBILITY VERIFICATION (Sections 208.009 and 208.238)

Currently, the Department of Social Services may utilize the federal Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements Program (SAVE) to verify a public assistance applicant's lawful presence in the United States. This act requires the Department to utilize the SAVE program.

Additionally, the Department of Social Services shall verify Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients' identities, household sizes and compositions, resources, expenses, assets and income, and other factors affecting eligibility under federal and state law at least once every six months.

ASSETS (Section 208.010)

Currently, TANF recipients may have their occupied home and one vehicle excluded from asset limits. This act limits the value of the home to no more than twice the statewide median value for homes and the value of the car as described in the act. Additionally, this act limits the exclusion of the occupied home for all recipients of public assistance programs under Chapter 208 to homes valued up to no more than twice the statewide median value for homes.


Under this act, any person required to comply with certain provisions of law relating to the sex offender registry who is not in compliance shall be ineligible for TANF or SNAP benefits until the person can provide evidence of compliance. The ineligible person shall not be considered part of the household for purposes of calculating benefits, but his or her resources and income shall be considered as resources and income of the household.


This act establishes fees for the replacement of TANF or SNAP EBT cards. For the first replacement, the fee shall be $5. For second and each subsequent replacement, the fee shall be $100 for individuals under 65 years of age and $5 for those 65 years of age or older. No fee shall be charged if the Department loses the card or it was lost in postage, the card was defective, or the card was lost or damaged in a fire, flood, or other natural disaster. The Department shall investigate certain recipients who have requested 2 or more replacement cards in a calendar year and shall notify the Attorney General of the name of such recipients.

LOTTERY WINNINGS (Sections 208.025 and 313.306)

Under this act, the State Lottery Commission shall provide the Department, at least monthly, with a list of cash lottery prize winners claiming a prize greater than $600 dollars, including the winner's name, prize amount, and any other publicly available identifying information. The Department shall compare that list with the names of SNAP, TANF, and MO HealthNet applicants and recipients. If, after review, the Department determines that an applicant or recipient has not reported to the Department any claimed cash lottery winning greater than $600, the Department shall conduct a further review to determine possible fraudulent misrepresentation that may disqualify the applicant or recipient or that may result in an action for recoupment.

Additionally, any household receiving SNAP benefits in which a member receives substantial cash lottery winnings, as determined under federal law, shall lose eligibility for benefits immediately upon receipt of the winnings.

OUT-OF-STATE SPENDING (Section 208.057)

Beginning January 1, 2024, and each year thereafter, the Department shall submit a report to the Governor and General Assembly regarding out-of-state spending in the TANF and SNAP programs, including information regarding the activities of other states and vendors in other states to combat public assistance fraud, particularly across state lines. The report shall not contain any identifiable information of program recipients. The Department shall post the report on its website.



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