SB 224
Modifies provisions relating to the carrying of firearms on public transit systems
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Last Action:
3/8/2023 - Hearing Conducted S Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Safety Committee
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Effective Date:
August 28, 2023

Current Bill Summary

SB 224 - Under current law, a person is prohibited from boarding a bus with a dangerous or deadly weapon or from carrying such a weapon into any bus terminal. In addition, weapons may not be carried on any facility or conveyance used for a public transportation system of the Bi-State Development Agency.

This act provides that a person carrying a concealed firearm who possesses a valid concealed carry permit or endorsement shall not be prohibited from accessing or using any public transportation system. The person may not be harassed or detained for carrying a concealed firearm on the property, vehicles, or conveyances owned, contracted, or leased by such systems that are accessible to the public.

This act is identical to provisions in the perfected HB 282 (2023) and to HB 1462 and similar to provisions in SB 804 (2022).



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