SB 198
Modifies provisions relating to the waiver of certain fees for vulnerable persons
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Last Action:
3/30/2023 - H First Read
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SS SB 198
Effective Date:
August 28, 2023

Current Bill Summary

SS/SB 198 - This act waives any required fees for the issuance or copy of a birth certificate if the request is made by a victim of domestic violence or abuse and if the victim provides documentation signed by an employee, agent, or volunteer of a victim service provider, attorney, or health care or mental health professional stating that such person believes that the victim has been involved in an incident of domestic violence or abuse. A victim may only be eligible once for the fee waiver.

This provision is substantially similar to HB 1300 (2020).

This act modifies provisions relating to licenses issued by the Department of Revenue. This act exempts homeless children, homeless youths, and unaccompanied youths, as defined by law, from certain fees collected by Department of Revenue fee offices. The act also adds these groups to the definition of "emancipated minor" for purposes of proving the supervised driving experience required to obtain an intermediate driver's license, and exempts emancipated minors from intermediate driver's license fees.

The act provides that no fee shall be required or collected from a homeless child, homeless youth, or unaccompanied youth to obtain his or her first nondriver identification card. A minor's status as a homeless child, homeless youth, or unaccompanied youth under the act shall be verified by a letter signed by a director or designee of a governmental or nonprofit agency providing services to homeless persons, by a local education agency liaison as described under federal law, by a school social worker or counselor, or by an attorney who is representing the minor in a legal matter.

These provisions are identical to the perfected SB 47 (2023) and SCS/SB 1167 (2022), and similar to HB 2789 (2022), provisions in SCS/HCS/HB 2376 (2022), and provisions in HCS/SS#2/SB 823 (2022).