SB 334
Modifies provisions regarding foreign ownership of real estate
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3/1/2023 - Hearing Conducted S Select Committee on the Protection of Missouri Assets From Foreign Adversaries Committee
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Effective Date:
August 28, 2023

Current Bill Summary

SB 334 - Currently, aliens and foreign businesses are capable of acquiring, by grant, purchase, devise, or descent, real estate in this state. This act provides that beginning August 28, 2023, no alien or foreign business shall acquire real estate, except that those persons that have acquired real estate prior to August 28, 2023, shall continue to own and hold the acquired real estate, but shall not grant, sell, or otherwise transfer such real estate on or after August 28, 2023, to any other alien or foreign business.

Under current law, no more than 1% of the total aggregate agricultural acreage in the state can be owned by an alien or foreign business. This act prevents any alien or foreign business from acquiring agricultural land in the state beginning August 28, 2023.

Under this act, no alien or foreign business can purchase or lease real estate within ten miles of certain military grounds, or business establishments engaged in certain military manufacturing.

Beginning August 28, 2023, all proposed transfers of any interest in agricultural land held by any alien or foreign business in the state shall be submitted to the Department of Agriculture to determine whether such transfer of agricultural land is conveyed in accordance with the prohibition on alien and foreign ownership of agricultural land under the act.

This act is substantially similar to SB 9 (2023), similar to SB 791 (2022), HB 1947 (2022), SB 243 (2021), HB 1136 (2021), and HB 1492 (2020).



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