SB 230 - This act specifies that a school district shall not be a member of, or remit any funds to, any statewide activities association that prohibits a home school student from having the ability to try out or audition for team or club membership in any event or activity offered by the school district, and a school district shall not prohibit a student from trying out or auditioning for team or club membership in any event or activity. A home school student may be required to participate in one class per day for sixth through eighth grade and one-half unit of credit for ninth through twelfth grade if the class is directly related to the event or activity.

This act further provides that school discipline policies will apply to home school students, and records created pertaining to a home school student will be made confidential.

This act is identical to HB 241 (2023) and HCS/HB 2369 (2022) and similar to SB 411 (2023), HB 241 (2023), SB 835 (2022), HCS/HB 2369 (2022), HCS/HB 494 (2021), SCS/SB 875 (2020), SCS/HC/HB 1540 (2020), HCS/SS/SCS/SB 528 (2020), HCS/HB 2273 (2020), and SB 130 (2019).


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