SB 399 - This act creates the "Keep Our Schools Safe Act." Currently, a school district may designate a teacher or school administrator as a school protection officer. Under this act, a school district may also designate a retired law enforcement officer or retired member of the Armed Forces of the United States to serve as a volunteer school protection officer. Such volunteer may serve on a paid or unpaid basis, but shall not serve as an employee of the school district. Any volunteer who violates provisions of law regarding school protection officers shall be removed from the building and dismissed as a volunteer. This act also specifies that a school protection officer shall carry a concealed firearm and a self-defense spray device.

This act is identical to provisions in HCS/SS#2/SCS/SB 523 (2020), in HCS/SS/SB 600 (2020), and in HCS/SB 774 (2020), and to HCS/HB 1961 (2020).


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