SB 900
Modifies provisions relating to jails
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5/17/2024 - S Bills with H Amendments
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Effective Date:
August 28, 2024
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Current Bill Summary

HCS/SS/SB 900 - This act modifies provisions relating to jails.

INMATE PHONE CALL FEES (Section 221.108)

This act provides that correctional centers shall provide offenders with reasonable access to phone services, unless such access is restricted as a disciplinary measure.

Additionally, no correctional center shall charge more than 12 cents per minute for a domestic phone call of an inmate.

These provisions are identical to provisions in SCS/HCS/HB 1659 (2024) and HCS/HBs 1679 & 2169 (2024) and similar to SB 1098 (2024), SB 592 (2023), and HB 693 (2023).

REGIONAL JAIL DISTRICTS (Section 221.400, 221.402, 221.405, 221.407, & 221.410)

Under current law, any two or more contiguous counties may establish a regional jail district.

This act provides that if an existing regional jail district already levies a sales tax and another county joins the district, such joining with the district will not be effective until the voters of the county have approved the sales tax. If the voters do not approve the sales tax, the county attempting to join the district shall not be permitted to join.

This act also adds that a district may equip and maintain jail facilities, as well as lease its properties. The regional jail commission shall have the power to acquire, construct, repair, alter, improve, and extend a regional jail and it may contract with governmental or private entities. Commissioners shall also serve until their successors have assumed office.

Under current law, any regional jail district may impose a one-eighth, one-fourth, three-eighths, or one-half of one percent sales tax. This act changes the amount to up to one percent. This act also repeals the provision that such sales tax may be used for court facilities in the regional jail district.

This act also provides that expenditures paid for by the regional jail district sales tax trust fund may be made for any of the district's authorized purposes.

These provisions repeals the sunset provision.

These provisions are identical to provisions in SCS/HCS/HB 1659 (2024).

PREGNANT OFFENDERS (Sections 221.520 & 221.523)

Under this act, all county and city jails shall be prohibited, except in extraordinary circumstances, from using restrains on a pregnant offender in her third trimester, including during transportation or labor, delivery, and 48 hours post-delivery. Pregnant offenders shall be transported in vehicles equipped with seatbelts. In cases of extraordinary circumstances requiring restraints to be used, the sheriff or jailer shall document in writing within 48 hours of the incident the reasons for the restraints used, as specified in the act.

If restraints are used, they shall be the least restrictive available and the most reasonable under the circumstances. No leg, ankle, or waist restraints or mechanical restraints shall be used and any wrist restraints used shall be placed in front of the offender's body.

Jails shall offer staff training on the provisions of this act and inform offenders of policies and practices developed under this act.

By January 1, 2025, all county and city jails shall develop specific procedures for intake and care of pregnant offenders, including maternal health evaluations, dietary supplements, nutritious meals, substance abuse treatment, HIV treatment, hepatitis C, sleeping arrangements, mental health; sanitary materials; postpartum recovery, and a requirement that a female medical professional be present during examinations.

These provisions are identical to provisions in SB 905 (2024) and substantially similar to provisions in SCS/SB 803 (2018), HB 1002 (2017), and SB 180 (2017).

REIMBURSEMENTS TO JAILS (Section 550.320 & 221.105)

This act provides that whenever a person is sentenced to a term of imprisonment in a correctional center, the Department of Corrections shall reimburse the county or St. Louis City for the days the person spent in custody at a per diem cost not to exceed $37.50 a day.

The sheriff of the county or St. Louis City shall certify to the clerk of the county or to the chief executive officer of St. Louis City the total number of days any offender spent in the county or city jail. The county clerk or the chief executive officer shall then submit the total number of days to the Department no later than two years from the date the claim became eligible for reimbursement. The Department shall determine if the expenses are eligible for reimbursement and shall remit any payment to the county or to St. Louis City.

Finally, this act repeals provisions relating to the current process for counties and St. Louis City to request reimbursement for the number of days an offender spent in a county or city jail.

These provisions are identical to SB 1353 (2024).