SB 750
Modifies provisions relating to the collection of delinquent property taxes
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5/17/2024 - Informal Calendar S Bills for Perfection
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SCS SB 750
Effective Date:
August 28, 2024

Current Bill Summary

SCS/SB 750 - This act modifies provisions relating to the collection of delinquent taxes.


This act authorizes a county or municipality to adopt a resolution to collect delinquent taxes pursuant to the Land Tax Collection Law, currently only applicable to charter counties and Clay and Buchanan Counties. (Section 140.010, 141.220 and 141.230)

This act allows a county collector to preclude a prospective bidder from participating in the sale of lands with delinquent taxes if such prospective bidder is delinquent on his or her property tax payments. (Section 140.190)

This act provides that the state and other taxing authorities and lienholders shall be foreclosed from any unclaimed right, title, interest, claim, or equity of redemption in or to the land and of any lien upon the land upon the expiration of the right to redeem. (Section 140.420)

Current law provides for salaries to be paid to land tax attorneys and delinquent land clerks appointed by the county collector. This act provides that such compensation shall be determined by the collector. (Section 141.320 and 141.330)

Current law requires certain information to be listed in a petition for the foreclosure of a tax lien. This act adds certain identifying information of the petitioners and any person with a legal interest in the parcel of land affected by the suit. The collector shall prepare and send by first-class mail a copy of the petition within thirty days after the filing of the petition to the occupant of the parcel. (Section 141.410, 141.440, and 141.500)

This act requires a collector to obtain a title search for all conveyances, liens, and charges against the real estate involved in a delinquent tax sale, and requires a sheriff to meet certain notice requirements prior to the sale. (Section 141.520)

This act modifies provisions relating to the procedure of selling delinquent property, including the date of sales for partial opt-in counties, requiring a nonreimbursable $200 bidder fee, and a requirement that prospective bidders submit an affidavit attesting that such bidder meets all statutory requirements. No person shall be eligible to bid unless the person has demonstrated to the satisfaction of the applicable official that the person is not the owner of any real property with two or more violations of the municipality's building or housing codes. (Section 141.550)

This act requires a court to hold a hearing to confirm or set aside a foreclosure sale within six months after the sheriff sells any parcel of real estate. The court's judgment shall include a finding that adequate notice was provided. This act allows the proceeds of a land sale in partial opt-in counties to be distributed to the school fund for the county, and also allows a county to allocate a portion of its share of proceeds to a fund for the purposes of defending against claims of insufficiency of notice. (Section 141.580)

This act requires opt-in and partial opt-in counties to establish a land trust for the management, sale, and other disposition of tax delinquent lands. (Section 141.700 and 141.821)

This act repeals provisions of law relating to land tax collections in St. Louis City. (Sections 141.820 to 141.970)


This act changes the title of the "Land Bank Act" to the "Chapter 140 Land Bank Act" and authorizes St. Louis County and any municipality with more than 1,500 inhabitants and not located in St. Louis County to establish a land bank. (Section 140.980 to 140.981)

The act requires any county establishing a land bank agency to appoint members to a board of directors, as described in the act. (Section 140.982)

This act provides that all taxes, special taxes, fines, and fees on real estate shall be deemed satisfied by transfer to a land bank agency. (Section 140.984)

This act repeals provisions relating to the distribution of proceeds of property disposed of by a land bank agency. (Section 140.985)

This act prohibits a foreign or domestic corporation or limited liability company that has failed to appoint or maintain a registered agent from buying property from a land bank agency. A land bank agency may condition the sale of a property by requiring the purchaser to make certain improvements to the parcel. (Section 140.987)

A county that has established a land bank agency may collect a fee for the collection of delinquent and back taxes in an amount up to five percent of all collections, which shall be paid to the land bank agency. (Section 140.988)

This act authorizes the governing body of the county or municipality establishing a land bank agency to issue bonds, as described in the act. (Section 140.994)

This act applies conflict of interest provisions to members of a land bank agency board in addition to employees of the land bank agency. (Section 140.1000)

This act authorizes any municipality located wholly or partially within an opt-in county to establish a land bank pursuant to current provisions of law that apply only to the city of St. Joseph. (Section 141.980 to 141.1009)

This act is identical to SB 1511 (2024), HB 2065 (2024), and HB 2617 (2024), and to provisions in SS/HB 2062 (2024), and is substantially similar to HCS/HB 587 (2023) and HB 1088 (2023).