SB 984
Creates the "Intoxicating Cannabinoid Control Act"
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Last Action:
5/17/2024 - Informal Calendar S Bills for Perfection
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Effective Date:
August 28, 2024

Current Bill Summary

SS/SB 984 - Under this act, no state agency or state employee shall disclose any personally identifying information of persons who have applied for or obtained a qualifying patient identification card, a qualifying patient cultivation identification card, or primary caregiver identification card for medical marijuana to the federal government or any federal employee, or other unauthorized third party. Any person who knowingly violates this act shall be guilty of a Class E felony.

This provision is identical to SB 457 (2023) and substantially similar to HB 501 (2021).

Under this act, no marijuana dispensary selling marijuana, marijuana-infused products, or intoxicating cannabinoids to end user consumers shall create or retain any record containing a consumer's identifying information upon the consumer's written request. This provision shall not apply to any constitutionally-mandated record-keeping requirements relating to qualifying patients and primary caregivers. Dispensary facilities that violate the provisions of this act shall be assessed a $500 fine per occurrence.

This act establishes the "Intoxicating Cannabinoid Control Act". Under this act, intoxicating cannabinoid products shall be considered as marijuana and regulated as marijuana is regulated by the Department of Health and Senior Services under the Missouri Constitution. The Department shall collaborate with the Department of Public Safety to enforce the provisions of this act.