SB 616 - This act reduces the restrictions on the sale of merchandise other than intoxicating beverages by distillers, wholesalers, winemakers, and brewers to retail licensees. The Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control shall not have regulatory authority over distillers, wholesalers, winemakers, and brewers regarding the sales, marketing, or promotional practices associated with merchandise other than intoxicating beverages. Additionally, the value of consumer advertising specialties shall not be considered when determining whether distillers, wholesalers, winemakers, and brewers may give or sell any point-of-sale advertising materials, temporary banners, and consumer advertising specialties to a retail business.

Items that are used for short periods of time, such as banners and decorations reflecting a particular season or limited-time promotion, are excluded from the definition of "point-of-sale advertising materials". This act specifies what qualifies as a permanent outside sign at a business and provides that temporary banners will not be construed to be permanent outdoor signs.


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