Senate Committee Substitute

SCS/SB 511 - Currently, advanced practice registered nurses have the authority to administer, dispense and prescribe certain drugs while operating under a collaborative practice agreement. This act authorizes advanced practice registered nurses who hold a certificate of controlled substance prescriptive authority from the board of nursing to administer or dispense controlled substances in schedules III, IV, and V while operating under a controlled substance collaborative practice agreement.

The act contains requirements that must be contained in all controlled substance collaborative practice agreements including:

• Names, addresses, and phone numbers of the collaborating individuals.

• A list of offices where the collaborating physician has authorized the APRN to prescribe.

• A requirement that notice shall be displayed at all offices where an APRN is prescribing, that informs patients that they may be seen by an APRN.

• All specialty or board certifications.

• The details of the collaboration including geographic proximity, and how absences are handled.

• A description of the prescriptive authority.

• A list of all other practice agreements involving the collaborating individuals.

• The duration of the agreement.

The act modifies requirements for all collaborative arrangements including the following:

• Physicians shall not collaborate with more than 3 full time APRNs

• APRNs shall practice for 1 month in a setting where the collaborating physician is continuously present.

• Neither physicians nor APRNs shall be required to enter collaborative practice agreements.

The act defines advanced practice registered nurse, advanced registered nurse practitioner, certified clinical nurse specialist, certified nurse midwife, and certified registered nurse anesthetist.

The act includes experience and practice requirements that are prerequisites for the board of nursing to grant a certificate of controlled substance prescriptive authority.

This act is similar to SB 1255 (2004), SCS/SB 90 (2005) and SS/SCS/SB 566 (2006).


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