SB 536 - This act creates new provisions relating to digital mining. Specifically, the act permits any person to run a node or a series of nodes in this state for the purpose of home digital asset mining at the person's private residence. A person or entity may have a digital asset mining business in any area in this state that is zoned for industrial use. Furthermore, any person engaged in home digital asset mining or digital asset mining business shall not be considered a money transmitter.

A political subdivision shall not:

· Limit the sound decibels generated from home digital asset mining other than limits set for sound pollution generally;

· Impose any requirements on a digital asset mining business that is not also a requirement for data centers in such political subdivision; or

· Rezone the area in which a digital asset mining business is located without complying with applicable state and local zoning laws or rezone any area with the intent or effect of discriminating against any digital asset mining business.

A digital asset mining business is entitled to appeal any change in zoning pursuant to any applicable state or local zoning laws.

The public service commission shall not establish a rate schedule for digital asset mining that creates discriminatory rates for digital asset mining businesses.


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