SB 403 - This act repeals provisions relating to the "Missouri Coordinate System of 1927" and the "Missouri Coordinate System of 1983" and creates the "Missouri State Plane Coordinate System". The system may have one or more projection zone layers. Each layer shall:

• Be covered by geodetically reference mapping projections adopted and supported by the Nation Geodetic Survey;

• Be identified by the geodetic datum; and

• Remain uniquely and consistently defined throughout its implementation within a particular layer.

This act modifies provisions relating to coordinate distances and measurement values as provided in the act. This act shall not be construed to prohibit the appropriate use of other geodetic reference networks.

This act is identical to provisions in the truly agreed to and finally passed HS/HCS/SS/SB 138 (2023), the truly agreed to and finally passed SS/HB 202 (2023), HCS/HBs 47 & 638 (2023), and to SB 1026 (2022).


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