SB 206 - Under current law, the state fire marshal appoints an assistant director and other investigators and employees with certain qualifications.

This act repeals the requirements that investigators must:

• Be at least 25 years old and have either a minimum of 5 years experience in fire risk inspection, prevention, or investigation work, or a degree in fire protection engineering;

• Be a taxpaying resident of Missouri for at least three years immediately preceding his or her appointment; and

• Possess ordinary physical strength and pass a physical and mental examination.

Finally, this act provides that a person appointed as an investigator shall be a resident of Missouri at the time of appointment and shall not accept other employment that would pose a conflict of interest while employed as a fire protection inspector or employee.

This act is identical to a provision in the truly agreed to and finally passed CCS/HCS/SB 186 (2023), SCS/HS/HCS/HBs 1108 & 1181, et al (2023), SCS/HB 81 (2023), and SB 970 (2022) and to provisions in HCS/HB 1656 (2022) and HCS/HB 2054 (2022).


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