SB 346 - This act modifies various provisions relating to elections.

Candidate Filing Deadlines - Local Offices

(Section 115.127)

Under current law, the period for filing a declaration of candidacy in certain political subdivisions and special districts is from 8:00 a.m. on the 17th Tuesday prior to the election until 5:00 p.m. on the 14th Tuesday prior to the election. This act provides that if the 14th Tuesday prior to an election falls on a holiday, then the closing of filing shall be at 5:00 p.m. on the next day that is not a holiday.

Solicitation of Voter Registration by Public Officials

(Section 115.205)

Under current law, a voter registration solicitor who solicits more than ten voter registration applications shall register for every election cycle. This act exempts governmental entities or a person who is paid or compensated by a governmental entity to solicit voter registration applications from the registration requirement.

Absentee Ballot Applications

(Section 115.284)

The act provides that all lists of absentee ballot applications for persons with permanent disabilities shall be kept confidential to the extent that such lists of applications shall not be posted or displayed in any area open to the general public, nor shall such lists of applications be shown to any person who is not entitled to see such lists of applications, pursuant to any other provisions of law.

Casting Provisional Ballots

(Section 115.427 and 115.430)

The act permits persons casting an absentee ballot in person to cast a provisional ballot if the person is otherwise qualified to vote and does not provide an approved form of identification.

Furthermore, the act expands a provision of law governing the casting and counting of provisional ballots to all public elections, rather than just particular primary or general elections.

Election Offense - Electioneering Near Polling Places

(Section 115.637)

The act expands the offense of exit polling, surveying, sampling, electioneering, distributing election literature, posting signs or placing vehicles bearing signs with respect to any candidate or question to be voted on at an election to apply to polling places on election day as well as during the absentee voting period. Additionally, the act increases the distance that such activities must take place from the polling place from 25 feet to 75 feet. Violation of this provision is punishable by imprisonment of not more than 1 year or by a fine of not more than $2,500 or by both such imprisonment and fine.

Tampering with an Election Official

(Section 115.638)

The act creates the offense of tampering with an election official. A person commits the offense of tampering with an election official if, with the purpose to harass or intimidate an election official in the performance of such official's official duties, such person:

· Threatens or causes harm to such election official or members of such election official's family;

· Uses force, threats, or deception against or toward such election official or members of such election official's family;

· Attempts to induce, influence, or pressure an election official or members of an election official's family to violate Missouri election law;

· Engages in conduct reasonably calculated to harass or alarm such election official or such election official's family, including stalking;

· Disseminates through any means, including by posting on the internet, the personal information of an election official or any member of an election official's family.

The offense of tampering with an election official shall be a class D felony. If a violation of this provision results in death or bodily injury to an election official or a member of the official's family, the offense shall be a class B felony.


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