Statement from Sen. Lincoln Hough Regarding Passage of Missouri’s FY ’24 Operating Budget

Friday, May 5, 2023

"Today, my colleagues and I passed a responsible budget that attempts to address a variety of issues while maintaining a healthy bottom line of cash reserves for possible economic shortfalls in the future.


“Missourians across the state are concerned about our uncertain future, and the impact today’s decisions will have on our economy and future generations. Our crumbling road and water infrastructures are putting strains on local communities. We prioritized an abundance of federal dollars on one-time capital improvements to help alleviate the burden on often-overburdened cities, towns and citizens.


“Our single largest one-time investment will be the I-70 replacement project. This interstate connects Missourians and businesses to the rest of the country. If we want to continue to attract new businesses and economic partners, we must upgrade this roadway, and now is the time. Two years ago, we assured Missourians we would do better with fuel tax funds and we have seen results, but rest assured, we aren’t finished. This budget includes investment in low and minor-volume roads as well as preparing other major arteries around the state for future road work and expansions, including I-44.


“Our budget allows for the recruitment, development and retention of teachers as well as expanding education opportunities to the most vulnerable families. Previous investments in apprenticeships, job trainings and certifications are yielding a more skilled and diversified workforce and this budget will continue to support those efforts.


“Veterans and seniors will continue to receive the care and support services that are needed. Our Adult Areas on Aging are great resources and they will continue to receive and extend support to seniors across the state. Some veteran’s homes and cemeteries are receiving much needed upgrades to their facilities.


“As Missouri families eat around the dinner table, I want them to feel secure and confident that their state government works for them and their future. This budget does just that. I am honored to serve the citizens of Springfield and Missouri. In the last nine months, I couldn’t be more proud that my colleagues have allowed me to put together the largest tax cut in Missouri history and the state’s largest infrastructure package.”