The Missouri Senate Minute

The Senate Minute drops Mondays through Thursdays during session and Tuesdays during the interim. The Senate Minute encapsulates Senate actions into one 60-second package, ready for air or for podcast.

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Feb. 1:  

Jefferson City — The Missouri Senate Emerging Issues Committee hears Senate Bill 165. This proposal would create the "Save Women's Sports Act."

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Jan. 31:  

Jefferson CitySenate Bill 57 and Senate Bill 170 seek to establish the Entertainment Industry Jobs Act. Both of these measures await approval from a Missouri Senate committee.

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Jan. 30:  

Jefferson City — Missouri senators could begin discussing legislation on the floor of the Missouri Senate. There are currently four measures on the Missouri Senate calendar.

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Jan. 26:  

Jefferson City — The Missouri Senate Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Safety Committee hears Senate Bill 78, a proposal that would modify provisions relating to the operation of certain law enforcement agencies.

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Jan. 25:  

Jefferson City — The Missouri Senate Education and Workforce Development Committee hears Senate Bill 5, a measure that seeks to allow the enrollment of nonresident students in public school districts.

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Jan. 24:  

Jefferson City — The Missouri Senate Local Government and Elections Committee hears Senate Bill 44, legislation that seeks to modify the process for maintaining voter registration rolls.

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Jan. 23:  

Jefferson City — Missouri senators move forward, after having heard legislative priorities from the executive branch last week. Missouri’s Fiscal Year 2023 operating budget is due in May. 

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Jan. 19:  

Jefferson City — The Missouri Senate Health and Welfare Committee hears Senate Bill 45 and Senate Bill 90, both of which seek to modify provisions relating to MO HealthNet services for pregnant and postpartum women.

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Jan. 18:  

Jefferson City — The Missouri Senate Economic Development and Tax Policy Committee hears Senate Bill 8. This legislation seeks to reduce the assessment percentage of personal property.

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Jan. 17:  

Jefferson City — Missouri senators will have a clearer picture of their expectations from the executive branch after the governor addresses lawmakers for his annual State of the State address.

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Jan. 16:  

Jefferson City — The current legislative session may mean revisiting a relatively new concern for some Missouri senators, under the umbrella of criminal justice reform.

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Jan. 12:  

Jefferson City — Among the issues Missouri senators may consider this year is starting salaries for our state’s teachers.

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Jan. 11:  

Jefferson City — The state’s economy may dictate such things as further tax cuts or new workforce development legislation. Committee assignments were made public yesterday (1/10). 

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Jan. 10:  

Jefferson City — Education remains a top priority for Missouri senators, especially those in leadership. Lawmakers hope to get the first legislation of the year moving soon, with the first committee hearing on the schedule this week.

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Jan. 9:  

Jefferson City — Missouri senators could learn new committee assignments this week. Committee hearings could start before the end of this month.

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Jan. 5:  

Jefferson City — Missouri senators await their committee assignments. Once these are made, lawmakers can start to hear the legislation that has been filed for the new legislative session. 

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Jan. 4:  

Jefferson City — The 2023 regular legislative session started Jan. 4 at noon. Of the 34 Missouri senators, eight are new to the upper chamber.

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Jan. 3:  

Jefferson City — Some Missouri senators may want to expand upon changes made to state tax code this past October. The 2023 regular legislative session will start Jan. 4.

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Jan. 2:  

Jefferson City — Some Missouri senators are already thinking ahead to the next fiscal year. In the meantime, the First Regular Session of the 102nd General Assembly will begin on Wednesday, Jan. 4.

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