The 2023 Legislative Session Has Begun

Friday, January 13, 2023

For Immediate Release: Jan. 13, 2023

Contact: Denise Cantrell – 573-751-1464


The 2023 Legislative Session Has Begun

Missouri lawmakers returned to the State Capitol on Jan. 4 for the start of the 2023 legislative session. This week, we learned our committee assignments, and I have once again been assigned chairman of the Senate’s Commerce, Consumer Protection, Energy and Environment Committee. I was also named vice chair of the General Laws Committee and was selected to serve on the Appropriations Committee and Fiscal Oversight Committee.

We have a lot of work to do and hundreds of bills covering a wide-range of issues facing our state to consider this session. You can visit my Senate webpage at to view all of my sponsored bills.

One bill in particular I’d like to see move forward is Senate Bill 14, which modifies provisions relating to amending birth certificates. This act prohibits amending a birth certificate when the sex of an individual has been changed by non-surgical means. Additionally, no birth certificate shall be amended if the sex of the individual was changed for reasons other than a medically verifiable disorder of sex development. I don’t believe a birth certificate is a living document. You can’t change your place of birth, so why should you be able to change your gender?

I am also sponsoring the following bills related to tax savings for Missourians:

Senate Bill 15 modifies the Senior Citizens Property Tax Relief Credit. Current law authorizes an income tax credit for certain senior citizens and disabled veterans. Senate Bill 15 would adjust the maximum credits each year to adjust for inflation. This bill also increases income limits so more people can benefit.

Senate Bill 104 reduces the assessment percentage of personal property, such as cars and boats. Current law requires personal property to be assessed at 33.3% of its true value. Beginning with the 2024 calendar year, this act would reduce the percentage by 1% a year through the 2035 calendar year. Beginning with the 2036 calendar year, personal property shall be assessed at 20% of its true value.

Senate Bill 105 reduces the assessment percentage of real property. Current law requires residential real property to be assessed at 19% of market value. Beginning with the 2024 calendar year, this act lowers assessments by 1% a year through the 2026 calendar year. Beginning in 2027, the rate falls to 15%.

Senate Joint Resolution 11 exempts non-commercial vehicles in excess of 10 years old from property tax. This constitutional amendment must be approved by voters.

Knowing it has been challenging for many Missourians to keep up financially, I will continue fighting to reduce financial burdens for Missouri families by cutting taxes across the board and putting more money back in your pockets.

Lastly, non-profit organizations, or civic, educational or cultural organizations that operate as non-profits, may receive funding for humanities-minded projects through the Missouri Humanities Council. The organization’s Major Grants program may provide grants up to $10,000 for qualifying projects. The next submission deadline is February 1, 2023. For more information, you can contact the Missouri Humanities Council at 314-781-9660.

As always, I am honored to serve the citizens of the 8th Senatorial District, and I look forward to helping move our state forward. Please feel free to contact my office in Jefferson City at 573-751-1464. For information about committees or sponsored legislation for the 2023 session, please visit my official Missouri Senate website at