Senator Jill Carter's Capitol Report for Jan. 25, 2023

Wednesday, January 25, 2023


Update on the First Few Weeks of the 2023 Legislative Session

Swearing-in Ceremony, Grand March and Legislative Ball

On Jan. 4, I was sworn in as a member of the Missouri Senate to represent the wonderful people of Jasper and Newton counties. More than 80 supporters gathered in our office that evening before the legislative ball and grand march. Since then, it has been nonstop.

Eugene Field Elementary Recognized During State of the State Address

Our district is blessed with such talented parents, school personnel and students. I had the pleasure of hosting the Neosho High School Young Americans Club in my office, as well as the Webb City Young Republicans Club. Doctor Rossetti, Dr. Byrd and Mr. Allen brought two students and their families to represent Eugene Field Elementary, which was named a 2022 National Blue Ribbon School by the United States Department of Education. They met with the governor in his office and were a part of the proceedings of his State of the State address. My wonderful legislative assistant, Zeke, took all of these groups on a tour of our beautiful State Capitol. They were able to experience the Whispering Gallery and look out from the very top of the building.

A Happy Birthday!

My first inquiry from another senator on the Senate floor was from a colleague wishing me a happy birthday!

Weekly Podcast

I am doing a podcast every week to recap what is happening in Jefferson City. Listen to the podcast at

Committee Assignments 

I’m looking forward to serving on the following Senate committees throughout the 102nd General Assembly: 

·       • Vice-Chair of the Health and Welfare Committee;

·       • Agriculture, Food Production and Outdoor Resources;

·       • Local Government and Elections; and

·       • Progress and Development.

In addition to these Senate committees, I will be serving on the Joint Committee on Education, the Education Commission of the States and the Competency-Based Education Task Force.


Proposed Legislation for the 2023 Legislative Session

During my first legislative session, I am sponsoring 15 Senate bills and two Senate joint resolutions. If passed, SJRs propose a constitutional amendment and are placed on the ballot for voter approval. As these bills move through the process or are heard in committee, I will provide more detailed explanations.

SB 84:   Freedom to Farm Act  
SB 85:   Local Control for School Districts
SB 86:   Raw Milk
SB 164: Missouri Save Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act
SB 165: Save Women's Sports Act
SB 166: Religious Liberty in Schools
SB 230: Home School Sports and Activities
SB 232: Immunizations
SB 364: Property Tax and School Funding
SB 428: Religious Liberty and HRA
SB 429: Drag Performances
SB 430: ESG Contracts
SB 436: ESG Pensions
SB 454: Gas Tax Repeal
SB 518: CPL Ben Cooper Memorial Bridge
SJR 28: Ratification Reform
SJR 29: Parental Rights

It is an honor to serve the 32nd Senatorial District. If my office can be of service to you, please feel free to contact us at 573-751-2173. For information about my committee assignments or sponsored legislation, please visit my official Missouri Senate website at